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sunday special sauce two

sketch away

Many of ED’s first comics were done in classes.  I would draw many of them at first in Physics.  It was not the most entertaining of classes for me.  This sketch comic is a return to those days.  I drew this comic in Nonverbal Communication during some down time in 2009.  This is the first comic that featured ED’s new partner in Business Warrior department.  I wanted another character to help ED on his journey.  I wanted him to be different than ED too.  Since ED is big the new character is small.  Thus Rabbit was born.  He was also born to do some other cool things which you will see in the coming months.

This joke might look a little familiar too.  This was a How I Met Your Mother joke.  Barney has a feud with a guy in a neighboring building and decides to send him a box of crickets or something like that.  It was a great episode, even though this part took maybe twenty seconds total of the show.  I really enjoy HIMYM, it’s the best show on CBS by far.  Well that’s it for me.  ~ Michael