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ED the new comic 1

three little stories start

The wait is over!  That’s right the new ED webcomic is up.  As I sit here listening to The Gaslight Anthem on my record player all I can think is YES!  I’ve done it.  I’ve got an awesome comic up and ready to go.  This first comic is a preview of what I’ll be dealing with for the next couple of months maybe longer.  You’ve got a Mandy story.  You’ve got a Octopus Johns and Ted story, and of course they are all part of Ed’s story.  So a little heads up Ted and Octopus Johns are the “Bad Guys.”  I won’t classify them as villains because they really aren’t evil, they just don’t fall in line with what Ed and his company wants.  So stay tune for the big things and don’t forget this weeks special event for the Fourth of July.  That’s special comics on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with regular comics endcaping them.

~ Michael