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ed the business warrior number nine!

No this is not a twilight comic.  This is more an American Werewolf in London comic strip.  Why you ask?  Because I prefer Underworld to twilight any day of the week.  Oh yeah, underworld.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior number eight

I love Octopus Johns.  He’s the perfect middle guy.  He’s like Destro, just doing crazy things to please his boss and also take down the bad guys.  Well I guess they’re not really the bad guys since they’re the heroes of this comic and Octopus Johns is really the bad guy.  Plus Destro is totally a bad guy.  Great, now I just want to go and watch G.I Joe cartoons.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

There are days when I just want to throw my computer out a five story building and watch it die.  I could take a baseball bat to my computer like in Office Space.  What’s your fantasies for destroying computers?

Also I have no clue what I was thinking five years ago when I drew this but ED has no ears.  His head is looking more and more like ED, but without the ears he looks really weird to me.  I know I didn’t leave them out to be funny, I just don’t know why I would forget such an important feature on him.

~ Michael

special saturday sketch

I was going through my backpack this week and I opened the front pocket.  This pocket doesn’t hold very much, mostly just a couple sheets of paper.  As I did this I found this awesome sketch I drew last year when I was still in college.  It was a picture of Octopus Johns.  I love to draw Octopus Johns, and this is one of the first pictures I drew of him.  I always knew he was going to be a bad guy.  I love the tentacles, they’re always my favorite part of the octopus.  I thought you guys might like to see one of my first sketches of a beloved villain.

~ Michael

ED the Business Warrior number seven

we need a bigger car

Ed the Business Warrior’s Six

now that's a t-rex

sunday special sauce

Another Sunday is upon us.  That means the busy work week begins tomorrow.  Oh how I wish the weekend would continue on for ever, but if that was the case then there would be no need for ED the business warrior.  He’s a weekday warrior not a weekend warrior.  His life takes place during the hours of eight and five.  A special time that you spend with your second family.  Don’t forget to share this with them and your first family.

~ Michael

ED the business warrior five

enter the rex

National French Fry Day

National French Fry Day

Oh yeah, It’s National French Fry Day!  I can’t believe it’s already here.  I love to eat french fries with hamburgers.  My favorite french fry would be McDonald’s.  Although the curly fries from Arby’s makes a close second.  What’s your favorite french fry?

~ Michael

Ed’s special Sunday sauce

It’s a special Sunday sauce. Why is it special? Because you get to check out some awesome classic Ed the business warrior comic.


Ed the business Warrior #4

evil teeth

So begins the first part of the story arc.  Mr. Johns or as you know him, Octopus John has hired someone to take on ED’s company.  Oh the story is beginning and you don’t want to miss the ride.  Trust me on this one.

~ Michael

ED the New Series #3

Lunch line

I don’t know how it is at your work, but at my work we only had one microwave for a long time.  Four of us go to lunch at the same time and with only one microwave and thirty minutes to eat it became a race to who got there first because they got to eat their meal with ease and not have to rush it in the last five minutes.  I usually go my lunch in the microwave first.  I was quick getting out to the break room.

~ Michael

it’s a bank holiday

a holiday?

Who else has to work today?  I work for an affiliate of a bank and I’m working.  My company’s account has it off so we can’t call them if we get weird things.  The library is closed today.  The post office is closed today too.  So pretty much it’s a holiday for most people, but not me.  No I’ve got to go into work and do stuff.  I don’t know who else think this is a horrible idea.  Making people work after staying up real late to watch the fireworks.  I’m calling the president on this one.  Okay that’s my little rant.  Hope you all have a great day off.

~ Michael

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday.  I’m planning to go down to see the fireworks at the park.  What are you planning to do for the 4th?

light the 3rd up

fireworks part 2

Are you going to the fireworks tomorrow?  You should it’s going to be awesome.  There will be fire in the sky, how awesome is that?  It’s the awesomest!  I know that’s not a real word, but I don’t care because it’s that awesome.  So don’t miss it.

~ Michael

2nd of July Holiday comic (wait that’s not a holiday)

fire works part 1

Happy 2nd of July, I know it’s not really a holiday, but I figured if I was going to make a 4th of July comic why not make it a special event that goes for four days!  I know what it this crazy person thinking four days of new never before seen ED the business warrior comics!  Yes, I’m just that crazy.  I love comics, I love making comics, so here is your chance to enjoy them too.  I want everyone to know about ED and how awesome he is, so go tell all your friends about this comic and have them enjoy the holidays with ED and gang.

I decide to start this comic about fireworks, I’ve never been much of a do it yourself fireworks guy.  I blame my Father for that.  He never allowed fireworks.  I remember one year in Cedar Rapids he let us get sparklers and that was it.  Just that one time.  No one even got hurt that one time we did it.  I guess my Father just hates fun.  He didn’t like balloons either, but now he lets the grandkids have them. Even though I’m not a fireworks guy come check out ED and Rabbit as them do some cool stuff.

~ Michael

Ed the new comic #2

Who doesn’t need a hero?  I always need a hero.  So tomorrow is the big day!  The start of the four comics in a row.  Are you ready?  I hope so.  See you all tomorrow.

~ Michael