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ed the business warrior number nine!

No this is not a twilight comic.  This is more an American Werewolf in London comic strip.  Why you ask?  Because I prefer Underworld to twilight any day of the week.  Oh yeah, underworld.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior number eight

I love Octopus Johns.  He’s the perfect middle guy.  He’s like Destro, just doing crazy things to please his boss and also take down the bad guys.  Well I guess they’re not really the bad guys since they’re the heroes of this comic and Octopus Johns is really the bad guy.  Plus Destro is totally a bad guy.  Great, now I just want to go and watch G.I Joe cartoons.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

There are days when I just want to throw my computer out a five story building and watch it die.  I could take a baseball bat to my computer like in Office Space.  What’s your fantasies for destroying computers?

Also I have no clue what I was thinking five years ago when I drew this but ED has no ears.  His head is looking more and more like ED, but without the ears he looks really weird to me.  I know I didn’t leave them out to be funny, I just don’t know why I would forget such an important feature on him.

~ Michael