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2nd of July Holiday comic (wait that’s not a holiday)

fire works part 1

Happy 2nd of July, I know it’s not really a holiday, but I figured if I was going to make a 4th of July comic why not make it a special event that goes for four days!  I know what it this crazy person thinking four days of new never before seen ED the business warrior comics!  Yes, I’m just that crazy.  I love comics, I love making comics, so here is your chance to enjoy them too.  I want everyone to know about ED and how awesome he is, so go tell all your friends about this comic and have them enjoy the holidays with ED and gang.

I decide to start this comic about fireworks, I’ve never been much of a do it yourself fireworks guy.  I blame my Father for that.  He never allowed fireworks.  I remember one year in Cedar Rapids he let us get sparklers and that was it.  Just that one time.  No one even got hurt that one time we did it.  I guess my Father just hates fun.  He didn’t like balloons either, but now he lets the grandkids have them. Even though I’m not a fireworks guy come check out ED and Rabbit as them do some cool stuff.

~ Michael