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ED the business warrior – twenty-seven

blah blah blah

Life can be boring.  If I’ve learned anything from being in an office, most things about it is boring, yet I want to be in one.  I’m a sick puppy.  A really sick puppy.  Give me my meetings on health care.

~ Michael

ED the business what? WARRIOR! number 26

bored at work

Who here doesn’t feel like that at work sometimes.  I had one job that I would go in for like four hours at a time and I couldn’t stay awake.  It was really boring.  A lot of the time I wouldn’t have any work and I would have to sit there and pretended that I had work.  Although they did love the fact I was super fast.  They were sad when I had to leave.  It’s a weird mix of feeling for that job.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

oh no, no arms

Another Sunday is upon us.  What could be better?  I don’t know, maybe another Saturday.  Saturday is always better than anything Sunday can give you.  Hope you enjoy the comic.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior twenty-five!!!!

the bench

Oh that Blake and Octopus Johns is up to no good.  What can I say.  I’m never up up good either.  Hope you all are enjoying the comic.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior 24

sunday special sauce

you'll do it

I wouldn’t mess with ED.  He’s a tough cookie, not a weak one.  He’s no cookie that would crumble under pressure.  He’s a cookie that could take you out.  He’s got chocolate chips and oatmeal in him.  He’s the best damn cookie you’ll ever eat.  I need some cookies now.

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior twenty-three

Did you know it cost a dollar to ride the bus in Bloomington these days.  That seems really high to me, especially for how far I would take it.  Just going downtown and back would cost more than driving myself.  Seems a little silly if you ask me.

~ Michael

ED the business warrior twenty-two

And so starts another great adventure for ED and Rabbit.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce – boxcar style

code word

What’s your secret code phrase

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior number 21

Podcast are an amazing thing.  I listen to a ton of different ones.  “Stuff You Missed in History Class” is a fun one.  I love hearing about history and this one is a nice quick punch of history for you.

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior twenty

Don’t mess with ED and his love of candy.

~ Michael

sunday star wars sauce

Who's Darth Vader

So I’m trying something new here. I’m scheduling this post to go up on Sunday at 8 am Mountain Standard Time.  It’s that crazy time zone that no one really understands.  So hopefully this works.  If it works this will be how I start publishing all my comics.  That way even when I’m not around the net I can still get my comic up at a good time.  Hope you enjoy the comics.

Plus thanks to everyone who went and checked out MaxvsMax when I did my guest comic strip.  I think it went well.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior nineteen and kicking!

the bees!

Bees are everyone’s worse fear.  Or maybe I just tell myself that so I feel like more of a man, but as my wife tells me, “You’re all man to me.”  Which is a nice change.  So many people are like you need to be more manly and put away those dolls.  I don’t play with dolls, I have action figures.  They fight, they don’t drink tea at noon.  Unless they get invited to a tea party, then they might drink tea.

Tomorrow’s the big day!  My guest comic strip will finally be in MaxVsMax.  I hope you all go check it out.  I’m very excited for it.  I’ve never had a guest strip before.

~ Michael