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Halloween is Here!

Happy Halloween everyone.  I hope that you all get the candy you need.  I know I could use some more candy.  It’s good stuff.  What are you guys dressing up as this year?

~ Michael

Sword Talk

Here’s a special ED comic I drew a month ago.  It’s just a quick sketch comic, but I love it.  I hope you enjoy the special sword talk comic.

~ Michael

thirty-five (not my job)

thirty-four (avenge me!)

The return of the BELT storyline!

~ Michael

the mad sunday special sauce

Rockth on

Oh, I love a good classic ED comic.  I hope they never stop making these.  I guess they don’t because I make them.  Oh snaps.

~ Michael

Rabbit is your guy!

Tell your friends that ED and Rabbit are the coolest!  Who doesn’t want to talk about cool guys with big guts.  Plus we’ve got some awesome belts.  Belts that will rock your world.  They are super belts.

~ Michael

ed the business warrior thirty-three

How many times have I totally done this to someone.  I’ll be like what, I can’t hear you.  People hate that.  I use to walk around campus with head phones in my ears just so people wouldn’t talk to me.  I wouldn’t even have music playing.  What do you do to ignore people?  Ed and Rabbit would love to know.

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior thirty-two

Doom is coming!  What is doom?  Why is it coming for ED?  Look out for big surprises in the the coming month.  Okay maybe not big surprises, but fun action with new evils.

~ Michael

sunday special is back!!!


Boss’s Day is BACK!!!

It’s Boss’s Day!!!  What an awesome holiday.  You get to celebrate your boss who gives you a pay check.  Could life be any awesomer?  Not really in my eyes.  What are you guys getting your boss this year?

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 31

The Belt!  It’s so awesome.  How far would you go for the belt?

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 30

Sorry about Sunday’s comic.  Last week was crazy.  I was fighting this crazy cold and I had two special over the weekend.  I didn’t realize that I totally forgot about Sunday’s comic.  I hope the Saturday and Monday comic made up for it.  I know I really enjoyed making both of those specials.  I do love drawing comics for the holidays.  I guess that’s just my thing.  Hope you’re enjoying ED.  What’s your favorite thing about ED?

~ Michael

Columbus Day, oh yeah

Oh yeah, it’s Columbus Day.  I remember as a kid having to go to school and going on a field to learn about Columbus.  We would watch movies about how he came over, but that’s not what Columbus days.  Columbus day is so about bbq.

~ Michael

Leif Ericson is my Homeboy

Who’s your homeboy?  Mine will always be Leif Ericson.  He’s got some skill that no one knows about.  What kind of skills you ask, the kind I can’t tell you about.  Welcome back to the months of Holiday comics.  It’s been about two months since I’ve brought out my favorite topic, holidays.  This month plan on seeing a bunch of extra comics.  This is already the second holiday comic and it’s only the 9th.  I hope you enjoy them, because I love holiday comics.

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 29

For some reason I don’t think fried chicken legs are going to wake you up.  Ed is so crazy.

~ Michael

National Pizza Month!!!

I love pizza!!!  I don’t love it more than burgers, but pizza is my second favorite food after burgers.  My favorite pizza is supreme, but I’m getting to love pepperoni too.  Pizza is the best.  I could really go for one right now.  What’s your favorite pizza?

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 28

sunday special sauce

Top Seller

Name That Car Day

What’s your car named?  I named mine the Hornet a long time ago.  Yeah, my little green Acura Integra is called the Hornet.  It’s the best, even if Allison doesn’t believe me when I tell her what my car is named.  It’s the Hornet!

~ Michael