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forty-two (number one)

sunday special sauce

ED the business warrior on shogun

This comic was a made on a Sunday!  It’s was drawn on a 3×5 index card during a boring church meeting.  Oh I just love to draw to much.

~ Michael

National Cake Day

Who’s idea was it to have National Cake Day on the day after Thanksgiving?  That’s just crazy.  I love cake, but after eating so much food how can you except to eat cake too?  It’s just to much at times.  Just to much.

~ Michael


forty-one (up in flames)

sunday tuna special sauce

ed the business warrior tunamania

At the end of my second year at BSU I took a film making class.  For one of the movie we made a film about making a web comic.  It was a how to film.  I was the artist in the film and they filmed me making an ED comic.  Here is the comic that was produced for the film.  This picture or film didn’t get an A+, but who cares?  I still made a web comic for a movie.  That’s pretty awesome.

~ Michael

FORTY!!! (blades are on)

Best or favorite fight scene from a movie or TV show?  Mine is probably not the best, but one of the funnest.  On The Office when Andy finds out Angela is cheating on him with Dwight they get into a dual.  Dwight chose a bike chain to fight Andy.  Andy chose his Pris.  “If he keep it’s under five miles an hour it’s completely silent,” said Oscar.  Watch that episode for the fight if you haven’t seen it.  I know there are tons of cooler fights, but I really like that one and it’s in an office.

~ Michael

take a (long) hike day (off a short pier)!

thirty-nine (he’s in a meeting)

Oh no, Hemi the 4th is here.  Time for some action!  Who’s your favorite action hero?  You would think mine is John McClaine, because I’m a McLean.  But I love Jayne Cobb from Firefly.  Plus he was superman’s voice in a cartoon and the new DC Online game.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

High Waters

thirty-eight – turkey burger


I think turkey should be considered a fruit too.  It seems very fruity to me.  What kind of food do you wish could be fruits that are not?

~ Michael

thirty-seven – close call

smoking sunday special sauce

smoke break

Enter the Hemi (ed the business warrior 36)

Oh snaps the return of the Hemi Clan.  If you remember from Ed the business warrior number fifteen and thirty-one, Ed won the business warrior belt from Hemi the third.  Who’s family held the belt for three generations!  The longest anyone family had the belt.  Hemi the fourth story is about to start…

~ Michael

King of the Sandwiches


Who loves sandwiches?  I know I don’t love them, but lately I’ve been eating a ton of them.  My favorite would be Pb & J.  I’ve been using Peter Pan Peanut Butter lately and it’s the bomb.  If you haven’t tried some Peter Pan PB than you are missing out.  It’s way better than Skippy PB.  So what’s you’re favorite Peanut Butter or sandwich?


devil eggs


Yummy!  I love Devil Eggs.  Although if you eat to many they can be bad for you.  So you got to be careful or you’ll end up like ED in an egg coma.  Although an Egg coma might not be that bad.  You get all the free soup you want through a tube.  It would be prefect.  Now if you could only watch Cartoon Network all day too.  Life would be awesome.

~ Michael