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mornings three

I hope you enjoyed theses comics as much as I do.

~ Michael

mornings two

mornings one

Welcome to mornings one.  What kind of food do you eat for breakfast.  I usually just eat a granola bar and then have pancakes when I get home from work, since I get home around 8 or 9 in the morning.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

ed the business warrior & da monkey

Christmas – Mini-Wolvie Comic

So I didn’t want to draw a new comic for Christmas, I’ve been super lazy.  I’ve been going to work at like 2:30 in the morning and haven’t been super functional during the day time.  So I give you one of the few Christmas comic I’ve ever done.  Apparently I don’t really draw this holiday.  I give you Mini-Wolvie featuring Batman and Omac.  No Wolverine though.

mini-wolvie christmas


mini-wolvie christmas revisted

forty-nine (oh mandy, so mean)


Next week I’ve got a special for you.  I’ll be posting a classic ED story, one of my favorites.  It was made for my Mini-Dove comic a few years ago.  I love this story and I hope you like it too.  It’ll be in black and white just like the all the old school ED comics.  Also it’s a three part story so I’ll be posting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I hope you all enjoy it, cause I will.

~ Michael

forty-eight (close one)

sunday special sauce

eye of the tiger

forty-seven (rabbit’s adventure five)

forty-six (rabbit’s adventure 4)

sunday special couch sauce


forty-five (rabbit’s adventure three)

forty-four (rabbit’s adventure two)

sunday special sauce

ed the business warrior, good old boys

Oh Ed and his stories.  Here’s a first look at a future Mandy character.  It’s not really Mandy, but it the workings of bring her to life.  What an awesome comic.



Wear Brown Shoes Day

forty-three (rabbit’s adventure one)