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monday – monkey war 3

ed ninja monkey war 3

Here’s the end of the monkey war story.  I hope you enjoyed it.  More about what going to happen to Blake tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned you won’t want to miss a frame of it.

sunday special sauce – monkey war 2

ed ninja monkey war 2

saturday – monkey war 1

ed ninja monkey war 1

friday- road to monkey war classic

ed road to war 1

ed road to war 2

A Friday comic?  Well the Sunday classic was in trouble.  The next classic Ed strip was a short story I wrote.  So I figured why span it out over five weeks.  That’s just to long, plus with another battle story coming soon with Blake I figured, just get it out there.  I love this story, it has hints to “the Belt” story I would later write.  There can only be one.  A classic Highlander saying that I based this comic off of.  Hope you enjoy the extra long weekend of comics.

~ Michael


So begins the end of Blake’s time at the Company.


Oh things are really heating up now for Blake.  Keep watching to see how ED handles the news…

sunday special sauce

ed upgrade



It’s Thursday!  The giveaway event is over.  I bet you’re all wondering who won.  The winner of the awesome watercolor is Jeni!!!  I know, who saw that coming?  No one.  Well I guess anyone who looked and saw that she was one of the six people to enter the giveaway.  Don’t worry, I promise to do more giveaway in the coming months.  I love to draw and I want to start giving them away to people.  Keeping reading Ed and look out for the next giveaway.


~ Michael



It’s Tuesday!!!  Today is the last day to enter into the giveaway.  The rules can be found here at and to see what you could win go to It’s been an exciting week.  Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to see who’s going to win the giveaway.


~ Michael

sunday special sauce

ed vs albert

It’s Sunday already.  What a week it has been.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I know I did.  Also there is still time to enter the give away.  Look in the past couple of post for the rules and what you can win.  It’s really easy, just write a little review of my web comic and put a link up for it.  If you do that you could win an original ED the business warrior water color painting.  You have till Tuesday.  Have a great Sunday, I’m going to try and relax.

~ Michael



Hey everyone!  Hope you’re all as excited for this give-away as I am.  So far I have one submission, but it’s not to late enter.  the rules are at so go check it out.  Plus I’ve finished the painting I’m giving away.  So here’s what you can win:

fifty-two (a mole)


Big NEWS!!!  Allison gave me a great idea to help build my readership, I am going to have a give away.  This give away is an original ED the business warrior painting.  Yes a painting, an original one of a kind painting.  I have started working on it this past weekend and will be done soon, so I’ll have pictures up sooner than later of it.  It’s a water color painting I did with some pen inks.  It’s pretty awesome and it’s not even done.  So enough about the prize the give away works like this:  You need to post a review of Ed with links to this comic on your blog.  To enter you need to post a comment in my comment section of my web comic with a link to your review. I will then put your name into a drawing system and randomly pick the winner.  Don’t worry Allison cannot win this prize since she’s my wife and lives with me.  You have till January 18, 2011 to enter.  After that all reviews will be welcomed but not entered into the drawing.  There is only going to be one winner, so good luck.


~ Michael

sunday special pie sauce

ed pie charts

fifty-one (batteries)

fifty (soda time)


sunday special sauce

ed law

New Years Resolution

2011 new years resolution


For New Years, I decide to draw a resolution comic.  Sorry it’s not an ED comic and you can catch this comic on a few different sites that I’ve posted it to, but I wanted to put it on my official webcomic page.  I hope you enjoy it.

~ Michael