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seventy-five – hair product

Seventy-five comics of the new series!  That is pretty amazing.  Thanks for everyone who has been reading ED.  I know this comic has been going off in crazy paths, but that’s kind of what I wanted with this comic.  I not so much for the status quo.  I’m not so sure when the next big change will come, but it will.

seventy-four – monster hunting starts in a bar

sunday special – computer fix

ed the business warrior doing the it thing

burr and cheney do it again

seventy-three – fighting style matters for IT

seventy-two – two drinks for all

sunday late special – little devils

ed sketch

Sorry for the lateness of this comic.  This is a little sketch I did a few years back.  I was thinking of adding a little devil character to the prewebcomic.  I was thinking he could make light of the situation and make ED’s life a pain.  The devil character did make it into some comics I was working on for my mini-comics.  I hope you enjoy the sketch.

Thomas Jefferson (don’t call him t-dog)

seventy-one – finding the one

seventy – hunting the white fish

Oh ED went hunting fish.  How odd of him.  Plus a new character!  Where will this character take us…

fax in your sunday special

ed vs the fax

I would hate to be a machine at ED’s company.  Fail him  and he’s just going to do bad things to you.  Okay we’ve had two Political Comics done now, what do you think?  Do you like the president comics?  I’ve got something other than a president coming in a couple weeks.  Let me know, I like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

~ Michael

John Adams the navy man

sixty-nine – down and not dirty

sixty-eight – lunch with taryn

sunday special sauce

ed and quicksilver

Political Fridays! – George Washington

Fridays are now going to be Political Fridays!  I’m not sure how long this feature will go on for, but probably for awhile.  I’m planning on drawing a comic for every President of the United States.  This idea originated from my Father who said he really liked my President’s Day comic.  He told me I should do one for every President and now I’m on my way.  I’ve incorporated this into my one a day comics I’m drawing for 2011 so I should have all the presidents comics drawn in a few months.  Check out the black and white of this comic at my flickr account.


sixty-seven – living in paradise

You can’t keep a good ED down.

sixty-six – your future is as bright as your faith

We enter the new future of ED.  Let’s see where this is going.  Cause his future is as bright as he can make it.