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Andrew Jackson

eighty-three – Taryn wants to Know

eighty-two – flying bigfoot?

peas for sunday special

ed and rabbit 01

John Quincy Adams

eighty-one – cliffhanger

eighty – pope in the woods

sunday classic in your bathroom

business warriors sketch comic 1

The First time I used Rabbit in a comic!  What a sketch comic.  Already I was planning to get revenge on different companies that hurt ED’s company.

Record Store Day

It’s Record Store Day!  This is an international national almost holiday event.  Yes today is the day you are to go to your locally owned record store and check out all the cool records they have.  An added bonus is the fact that they will have special records only available at record stores, you can’t buy these records online or at a chain store.  You might be able to buy them online later, but really can you pass up a chance just to go to a cool record store?  It’s going to be awesome.  Go check out to find your store.

~ Michael

Samuel Adams

seventy-nine – Finding Joy in The Journey

seventy-eight – click click boom

classic home school sundays

ed home schooled 1

James Monroe – the feel good president

seventy-seven – the tracker

seventy-six – into the woods we go

sunday whale classic special

ed the business warrior and sales

James Madison