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ED 101 – NEVER!

ED 100 – swords be a flying

One Hundred ED comics!  Well a quite a few more than that, but 100 of this new series.  That’s a long run for me.  The last time I did 100 comics for one type of comics was my Lost Guns, which was a journal comic.  I hope you all have been enjoying this current run on ED.  This chapter is about to wrap up in the next month.  Wait till you see what’s in store next for ED.


G.I. Joe

ed and joe color

Millard Fillmore

ninety-nine – prepare to die

ninety-eight – meanwhile


ed and fog color

Check out the story behind this comic. After I drew this draft comic I decide to actually decide to build a whole comic story behind it in the actually comic. It was way back a year ago when it all went down. Go check it out at It’s a fun little story, plus this is back when ED was still working for the company. I hope you enjoy the past.

Zachary Taylor

Sorry about the rerun today, I wanted to make sure that I got all the presidents in order with random political figures mixed in.  This will be the only rerun on the political comics as they come out.  Since this is a repeat lets here some of your stories.  How is your favorite president?  Why do you think he’s so cool?  Was he a war hero or a wordsmith?  You tell us.






ninety-seven – i need a minute

ninety-six – the company


ed and the tuna returns color

James K. Polk

ninety-five – you can’t handle the truth

ninety-four – roar factor

coffee drop

ed and coffee color

John Tyler

ninety-three – slice and dice

I’ve got some good news, unlike some companies, ED will not be going through a reboot this summer.  That’s right you won’t be seeing ED working at the office that was blown up like nothing ever happened.  Blake won’t be forever trying to steal company secrets.  Here at Mini Dove Comics we look forwards not backwards.  Our characters change and evolve.  We’re not some one trick hat.  We don’t feel the need to have a status quo that can’t change for over forty years.  If you’ve been keeping up with comic news you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not, look up DC comics.  Mini Dove Comics not the same as yesterday.