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Ed and Dwight 3

ed vs dwight 3

Ulysses S. Grant

Andrew Johnson

ed 108 – end of chapter two

First I’d like to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday!  Hope you have an awesome one.  Make Dad take you some where nice.  Second I have bad news about ED.  I’ve been a little lazy lately.  Work has been slowly killing me and my moral to actually work on ED.  Ed will be taking a little hiatus for at least the next two weeks.  I know, horrible news, but not the end of the world.  On Thursday I’ll be posting a extra Political Comic, so two of those this week.  The next two week I have a longer ED classic story.  It’s nine strips long, so you’ll be getting an extra Wednesday comic!!!  Then chapter three should start.  I’ve started to work on it and it should be as good.



ed and dwight 2

ed vs dwight 2

Abraham (Honest Abe) Lincoln

ed 107 – let’s be friends again

ed 106 – in prison

ED and Dwight 1

ed vs dwight 1

So here is the first of a small set of ED comics I drew and colored for fun last year.  They have ED (our hero) talking to Dwight Schrute of Dunder Mifflin.  If you watch The Office, you’ll understand this comic.  If you don’t watch the office, why are you reading my comic?  The Office is an amazing show and it’s about offices, like ED was at the start.  I have a few of these for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy.


James Buchanan

ed 105 – chop, slice, flip

ed 104 – return of TED!!!

Ed Sundays


the first american

ED 103 – now what?

ED 102 – were done here

The William’s Club 4th of July party

Happy 4 of July everyone!  Sorry for no comic yesterday.  My in-laws are staying with us and some how I forgot to hit publish after I had the comic up and running.  The sad news is that the Sunday comic will be coming to an end soon.  I’ve run out of classic ED comics.  I’m using sketch comics that I’m drawing now, so I don’t have as many of those ready to go as I did before.  Plus all the classic stuff is gone.

Here’s a quiz for you, can you name all the president’s here?  It’s the William Club, so that should give you enough of a hint.


Franklin Peirce