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Archive for August 30, 2011

ed 113 – straight up apple juice

I would like to start with the good news!  Not DJ Goodnewz, but it’s my sister’s Birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Suzanne!!!  You’re an awesome sister.  Now that the happy news is over, it’s time to inform you of the sad news.  Ed is going to be going to once a week for awhile.  When I took the break I thought I’d would be able to revitalize myself enough to keep doing ED twice a week, it wasn’t.  I still have things I want to do with ED, but because of things going on in my life I will not be able to keep doing two a week.  Ed will continue to come out every Tuesday.  I will also have my Political comics coming out every Friday.  You still get two new comics a week, so that’s not bad.  I hope everyone has fun.

~ Michael