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Warren G Harding

ed 117 – the workout

Rabbit vs Bugs


It’s National Comic Book Day!!!  How exciting is that?  For me, it’s off the hook.  I love comics and think everyone should read them.  If you’re not reading them, what’s wrong with you?  Is it because you don’t like superheroes?  Is it because you don’t like spandex?  That’s fine.  You don’t need to like spandex and superheroes to read comics.  If you are reading ED, you’re reading a comic with no superheroes or spandex.  There are tons of comics out there that have nothing to do with spandex muscle men.  (I for one love the spandex industry.)  If you want really interesting storys check out Jason.  His works are amazing.  They really look into the soul and examine the human or animal spirit.  Do you like baseball?  There’s a couple of those comics too.  Check out Jason Sturm.  He does some wonderful baseball comics and other types.  Want a story about a man finding himself, check out Blankets by Craig Thompson.  I hope that gave you some ideas about different types of comics that are out there.  If you have questions just ask.  I read almost any type of comic out there.  Have a great Comic Book Day.