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Vampires on Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone had a great October.  Mine was filled with monsters.  That can be the best kind.  It’s going to be November soon.  I don’t have a lot planned for it yet, but let’s see if we can make November a great month here at Mini Dove Comics.

Hot Butter


Franklin D Roosevelt – the four term president

I have start to build quite a collections of comics.  I’ve been thinking of putting some up for sell.  Would anyone be interested in owning a print of one of the Presidents Comics or Ed the Business Warriors?  I would build an esty store to actually purchase them, but before I go and spend money on printing these beautiful comics off I want to know if there is a demand for them.  I would be selling prints for $5 and then shipping for another $5.  In total they would cost $10.  I am also thinking doing commission comics.  These comics would cost anywhere from $20 to $50.  The nice thing about them is they would be one of a kind and only you would get a copy of them.  I might show them off in the blog though.  The price difference would come into play with what you want drawn, how large you want it, and if you want it colored or B&W.  If you are interested in a special commissioned piece you can leave me an email or comment and I’d would get back to you.  If none of this interests you that’s okay too.  Hope everyone has a good Halloween weekend.