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New Years Eve Party

So I couldn’t decide to post this today or tomorrow on New Years day.  I decide since it was a party comic it should be on New Years Eve.  I mean who doesn’t want to party with ED on New Years Eve.  I know I do.  i also have a new resolution for this up coming year.  I’m returning to Lost Guns.  Lost Guns Vol 2 will be on the site soon.  I haven’t decide which day it’ll be on or when to start it, but I have a goal to draw on Lost Gun a week.  If you don’t know what a Lost Gun is that’s okay.  It’ll be awesome.  They use to be posted to my Myspace page, but I closed that account.  You can still find them on my Flickr account though.  What’s all of your New Year goals?

~ Michael

Jimmy Carter

ED 129 – greatest man

ED and Christmas

Gerald Ford

ED 128 – the badge

Memo to ED


Richard Nixon (it’s tricky)

ED 127 – have some spray

Thurgood Marshall

ED 126 – new question

ED and Dwight


Lyndon B Johnson

Sorry for the lateness of this comic.  I’ve been working crazy hours and sleeping really odd hours.  My schedule is so messed up I can’t remember anything.  Good thing this week has Johnson, no reference to Ladybird, but you should look up the poultry war that Johnson was in.  It’s pretty funny.