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Archive for February 21, 2012

ED 135 – the short goodbye

This is the end.  I know not a very big ending, but ED the Business Warrior was never a big over the top comic.  It started small and it should end small.  I have come to the end of what I want to do with ED right now.  He’s a character I love and will probably return to some day, but after 135 offical comic in this series, plus the original nine I drew for my Zuda submission and the many sketch comics I’ve drawn for the last six years I need a break.  This comic is a huge accomplishment for me.  I’ve never drawn so many comics about one subject that wasn’t me.  It is my hope that ED brought everyone a little happiness.  He brought me a ton of happiness over the years.  So what’s next?

Over the next years I will continue with my political comics.  I’ve been drawing a few modern issues with the GOP race.  I’ll be doing more when they decide who will go against Obama.  The political comis will be changing a little bit too, as I’ve drawn all the presidents to more of a historical comic.  I’ll be looking at important Americans.  Maybe I’ll throw some other people in who help shaped this world, but right now I’m working on American History.  Lost Guns will continue too.  I love drawing comics about my life.  This series has been around a little shorter than ED, but it has always been a main stay of my comics.  I took about  a two year break after I got married and started working on ED for this site, I really missed it.  On top of all that, I’ll also be drawing short stories that will appear on Mini Dove Comics.  I have a 60 page comic that I will be putting up over the next few months.  It’s called Travels in Ballpoint.  It’s a travel comic I drew on my trips.  I love it, I hope you will to.  Well that’s all I got to say.  I hope you continue to read Mini Dove Comics.  They are comics I love doing.