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Archive for May 16, 2012

two years!!!

I want to thank all the fans out there right now.  I would never have made it to two years without you.  With all your support this comic has grown from my little business warrior to anything goes.  I’ve posted much more personal comics lately and so many people have been into it.  I know my life can be boring at times and some of my jokes don’t always hit, but you’ve stuck with me.  Thanks you.  Without people viewing my comic I would have stopped a long time ago.  I hope you all stick around for the next year.  I’ve got more president comics coming soon.  I’ve started mixing clerihew style with them.  If you don’t know what that means, good.  That means you’re more sane and normal than me.  I still need to finish off my classic travel comics.  That’s not coming to an end anytime soon.  Plus more LOST GUNS!!!!  I love drawing my lost guns and I don’t see them ending anytime soon.  Plus I’m working on a new ED story.  That’s still a long way out, but it’ll be up sometime in the next year.  Thanks again for the wonderful two years.