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trip 4 page 28 – cake

Sally Ride

lost guns v2 #28 – locks

trip 4 page 27 – teeth

cherihew – Rutherford B Hayes

lost guns v2 #27 – unemployed

trip 3 page 26 – adventure time

cherihew – herbert hoover

lost guns v2 #26 – law of the fast

trip 3 page 25 – wings

lost guns v2 – Hotdog Month!!!

Hotdogs are one of my favorite foods.  You can go classic with just ketchup and mustard, which is really good at a baseball game.  I like to make special dogs at the house though.  Chicago Dogs are one of the best dogs to eat.  You get a pickle, neon relish, tomatoes, onions and its so good.  There are so many styles and if you look online you can find one you might want to try.  I know I will be.

Nellie Tayloe Ross

lost guns v2 #25 – to much tech

lost guns v2 – 4th of July Special

We are having a huge drought out here in Indiana.  It’s hasn’t been good.  I know a couple of fireworks around my area are already cancelled.  Plus on top of that, most of the fire work show were either yesterday or tomorrow.  What is going on?  I thought the fireworks were suppose to be on the fourth?  We might have to drive to Michigan to see any fireworks at all.  I hope you all have a safe holiday today.

trip 3 page 24 – which line