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Althea Gibson

lost guns v2 #37 – bathroom break

lost guns v2 – national comic book day!!!


I love this day!  Mainly because I love comics.  There are so many good ones out there right now.  I thought I would plug three of my favorites right now.

1.  Mudman by Paul Grist.  A great comic about a teenager in a seaside town in England.  Plus his superpower is mud.  How awesome is that?  This comic only has five issues out, but it’s totally worth finding and reading.

2.  Hawkeye by Matt Fraction.  If you loved the Avengers movie and wondered where do I go next, this is totally the comic you need to be reading.  It follows fan favorite Hawkeye in his off duty adventures.  The guy is crazy awesome and it about time he got his due.  This new series is only two issues in, but they rock.  Since there is no Hawkeye movie on tap anytime soon, this will have to fill your many needs for Hawkeye.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Kevin Eastman (sort of).  I started picking this comic up about a year ago, because I love them turtles.  I’ve loved them since I was a little kid.  They were probably the first superheroes I ever knew.  Well IDW started publishing new TMNT comics last year and they have been guided by Eastman, one of the original creators.  The thirteen issues so far are amazing.  They hold true to the original ninja turtles story with building upon it and being amazing.  This is the only series I’m recommending that has actual collected trades out.  You don’t have to buy the single issues.

I hope you have fun today and read some cool comic books, I know I will.

travels with ball point trip 6 page 36

A comic on Monday?  Didn’t we have a ton of extra comics last week?  Yes we did.  Travels in Ballpoint is a day early because tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays.  Normally I would just do a skip on the normal comic that is suppose to be up on a holiday, but I though you might like an extra comic this week.  If I was wrong let me know.  Plus were getting back into my busy period, not busy as I’m busy at work.  Mini Dove Comics goes into a low viewing period during the summer, no matter what I do.  Then in September it picks up again.  Since It’s picking up I want more comics out there.  Tell all your friends, it’s comic time.  Time to check out Mini Dove Comics.

elephant appreciation day with ED the business warrior

Margaret Smith


lost guns v2 #36 – going outside

talk like a pirate day with ED the business warrior

travels in ballpoint trip 6 page 35 – cell phones

Hillary Clinton

lost guns v2 #35 – muffins

travels in ballpoint trip 6 page 34 – security

Mae Jemison the astronaut

lost guns v2 #34 – before and after

travels in ballpoint trip 6 page 33 – early morning

Lost Guns v2 – Labor Day Special