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Sandford Fleming

104 sandford fleming


lost guns v2 #69 – forgotten

lost guns v2 069


Wade Boggs

03 wade boggs


tis the season to grill

tis the season 004


Sally Ride Day

sally ride 2013


George Dixon

103 george dixon


lost guns v2 #68 – the bus shake

lost guns v2 068



space may 13


Willie Mays

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Guglielmo Macroni

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Three Years

mini dove comics three years


It’s been three years since the first official comic on mini dove comics!  I dreamed I would still be running this blog/comic site now, but I always figured I would have given up too.  I’m not saying I’m a quitter, but three years is a long time to make comics. Plus my original comic Ed the Business Warrior was not something I could have kept going for three years.  Luckily mini dove comics has evolved since three years ago.  The first change was the presidential comics that changed to important and famous people.  My historical comics have been big hits here.  That came around because of my father.  He was like you should do all the presidents as comics and not just on president’s day.  Well I’ve done all the presidents and some more than one.  Then came the return of my journal comics.  I started drawing Lost Guns again.  A journal comic I drew when I was in college and life was really confusing to me.  Well guess what, life is still really confusing after college and married to the most awesome woman ever.  The last three years have been good for the comic.  They have been a challenge to complete and I’ve thought about quitting more than once.  So here to another year, let’s hope we can make this year better than the last three.

Michael McLean


lost guns v2 #67 – pants!

lost guns v2 067


Ozzie Smith

01 ozzie smith


Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day 2013

Clyde Tombaugh

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lost socks memorial day

lost sock memorial day 2013


No Socks Day

no socks day 2013


lost guns v2 # 66 – noir

lost guns v2 066


National Nurses Day

national nurse day


May 4th – way to much going on

may 4 2013

Space Day

space day 2013


I don’t know how everyone feels about space, but I love it.  My big dream as a kid was to go exploring space.  Truth be told that is still one of my biggest dreams.  I want to meet aliens and fly away to distant galaxies.  It’ll never happen in my life time, but oh to dream about it.  I wish NASA had more funding so that we could continue to explore the unknown and build rocket ships that can reach other star systems.


lost guns v2 #65 – sleeping aid

lost guns v2 065


May Day 2013

may day 2013