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Reggie Jackson

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Jane Goodall

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lost guns v2 #76 – old cupcakes

lost guns v2 076

Amelia Earhart Day

amelia earhartCheck out the other two Amelia Earhart comics, uno and dos.  She’s an amazing woman.  One of the greatest people to ever fly.  Who are some of your heroes?  Earhart is one of mine.  I wish I had the guts to fly a plane solo or even fly a plane at all.


National Hot Dog Day

national hot dog day 2013

We all know I love hot dogs.  Eating them and making them.  My favorite is probably the modified chicago dog I make at home.  I use  banana peppers instead of regular peppers.  A little sweeter and less spicy.  What are some of your favorite types of hot dogs?


Rat Catcher Day

ratcaher day


National Junk Food Day

national junk food day

Moon Day

moon day


Every time I see a movie about the moon or read a book about the moon some bad stuff is going on up there.  In one book I read pure evil lived on the moon.  That pure evil looked like shadows at first than it would steal your identity as it killed you.  Then in a movie I watched the rocks on the moon were really spiders!  Moon rock spiders.  They killed the astronauts that came to visit the moon.  The moon is a scary place.  There’s no atmosphere on it so we can’t breath even if we went there.  Still I want to visit it.


Barbara McClintock

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lost guns v2 #75 – old hoodies

lost guns v2 075


Hank Aaron

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cow appreciation day

cow appreciation day 2013


national nude day

national nude day 2013

Embrace your Geekness Day

embrace your geekness day 2013


What are your geeky habits?  I’ve got a ton of geeky habits.  If I didn’t I don’t think I’d be drawing a weekly webcomic.  My main love is comics.  That should have been pretty obvious by now.  My favorite comics that I’m reading right now are Saga, Hawkeye, A+X (that one really shouldn’t be one of my favorite comics but I love team-ups), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Judge Dredd, Wolverine and the X-Men, and a ton more.  Oh how I love my comics.  Other geekness I’ll own up to is history.  I love learning about history, especially US history.  I’ve been doing a history comic for about two years now.  It started with the presidents and has just keep going.  I’m a proud geek.  I wear my superhero tees all the time.  Tell me what some of your geek habits are.  I’m sure they are almost as awesome as mine.


Carl Sagan

107 carl sagan


lost guns v2 #74 – star wars or star trek

lost guns v2 074


Yogi Berra

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Work-A-Holics Day

wark-a-holics day 2013


Happy 4th of July

4 of july 2013

Battle of Gettysburg 150 Anniversary

meade vs lee 150

One hundred fifty years ago the battle of Gettysburg was being fought.  General Meade of the Union helped to turn the tide of the American Civil War against the South and General Lee.  This battle last three days and has one of the highest casualties numbers for Americans.  For those three days brothers fought brothers; sons fought fathers.  This battle was gruesome, but should never be forgotten.  For the United States of America is one country and cannot be divided.  The people may not always agree on everything, but we are a nation.  A nation that was built by freedom and we can never forget what our forefathers did to make this nation free.


Bo Jackson

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