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Louis Pasteur – clerihew

125 louis pasteur clerihew


lost guns v2 #102 – sleepy time

lost guns v2 102

ed the business warrior – everything is awesome

ed and awesome

So if you’ve seen The Lego Movie, you know what Ron is singing. He’s singing the #1 hit in Lego land by Tegan and Sara with Lonely Island. The song is awesome and a great team building song. I could see business using it. Maybe ED will start using it to get people to work harder at his work.

So now for your viewing pleasure, Everything is Awesome.


Neil deGrasse Tyson clerihew

124 neil degrasse tyson clerihew


lost guns v2 #101 – star trek on star trek

lost guns v2 101


ED and the deep v’s

deep v's


President’s Day 2014

presidents day 2014


lost guns v2 – 50%

lost guns - 50 percent


Valentine’s Day

valentines day 2014


lost guns v2 – valentine’s day

lost guns v2 - valentines day 2014


Abraham Lincoln and love

abe's love

ED the business warrior and love

ed tells all


We all know what week it is.  It’s the week to forget a holiday made up by the card companies till the last moment.  So instead of forgetting why not go out and get an awesome gift.  Go get a block of cheese carved into the shape of a heart.  I know I would love it and ED would love it too.  Their’s no way you could go wrong on this gift. *wink* *wink*


James Monroe the 5th President

123 james monroe


lost guns v2 #100 – eye candy

lost guns v2 100


Nation Weatherman Day

national weatherman day


Groundhog’s Day 2014

groundhogs day 2014

The Weekend to-do List

weekend to-do list


What do you have planned for this weekend?