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Free Comic Book Day 2014

free comic book day 2014


It’s the first weekend in May again!  You know what that means?  It means free comic book day and the big superhero movie weekend.  The first free comic book day was in 2001 and had Spider-Man the movie as it’s type in.  This year we get The Amazing Spider-Man 2!  This is also Allison and mine six big super hero movie may weekend release.  I think that means she’s got to buy me an Iron Man suit or something like that.  The first one we went to was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  We went to the midnight release.  Not my idea, Allison’s idea.  I wore my wolvie shirt.  This was only our second official day of being a couple too.  After a movie like that you’d think we would called it quits and walked our separate ways, but we didn’t.  Now we get to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2, but not the midnight release.  We’ll go during the day.  Hope everyone has a great free comic book day.  I know I will.