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lost guns v2 – new years eve

lost guns v2 new years eve 2015


lost guns v2 #273 – ghosts

lost guns v2 273

monster monday – new years

monster comic - new year


Those monsters have always got some good ideas. Maybe that should be my new year resolution too. What’s going to be your new year resolution?


lost guns v2 – christmas

lost guns v2 christmas 2015

lost guns v2 – christmas eve

lost guns v2 christmas eve 2015


I might talk about our Chinese food tradition on Christmas eve a little to much. Can you blame me? I love eating Chinese food and I don’t do it enough. That’s just life.


lost guns v2 – Christmas Cookies

lost guns v2 chirstmas 5 2015


monster monday – the force awakens

monster comic - the force awakens


lost guns v2 – Christmas Decorations

lost guns v2 chirstmas 4 2015


lost guns v2 – lighting up

lost guns v2 chirstmas 3 2015


lost gun v2 – Christmas Tree

lost guns v2 chirstmas 2 2015


lost guns v2 – Christmas Baby

lost guns v2 chirstmas 1 2015


monster monday – santa

monster comic - santa

lost guns v2 #272 – ice ice baby

lost guns v2 272


Anytime we open our freezer the baby comes running (or crawling) in and tries to steal an ice cube from the bottom of the fridge. Then she’ll eat it. I think she has no feeling in her hands. She won’t let go of that ice cube. It’s her freezer treasure.


lost guns v2 #271 – turn up the heat

lost guns v2 271

monster monday – soup’s on

monster comic - soup kitchen


I wonder what kind of soup they’ll be making. No I totally know what kind of soup they’ll be making. It’ll be extra yummy.

lost guns v2 #270 – new followers

lost guns v2 270


It’s the worst when you get a notice that you have a new follower and you check and it’s a bot. It’s even worse when it’s a porn bot. I just I shouldn’t assume that sites that are porn are bots. Maybe some person who really likes porn also likes my comics. It could happen. I just don’t think they’re real.