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ED the business warrior – mopey

ed - mopey

lost guns v2 #279 – bonus fry

lost guns v2 279

Bonus fries are really just fries that fall out of your fry container. I know 5 guys is the best of this. It seems like they fill your fry cup and then just poor a crap load more in the bag. The best is bonus other things. One time we actually got a bonus pie. It was just in our bag with the rest of our food. It was awesome.


lost guns v2 #278 – baby farts

lost guns v2 278


monster comic – golf

monster comic - golf


lost guns v2 #277 – my shoes

lost guns v2 277


ed the business warrior – penguin awareness day

ed - penguin day


lost guns v2 – National Popcorn Day

lost guns v2 national popcorn day

monster monday – twitter

monsters - twitter

How does that monster not know what twitter is? Considering I really didn’t use it for a long time, I feel his pain, but not much. Why couldn’t it have something to do with the bird monster’s rent?


lost guns v2 #276 – nerds

lost guns v2 276


lost guns v2 #275 – sign language

lost guns v2 275


monster monday – fridge

monster comic - fridge


ed the business warrior – fridays

ed - fridays


lost guns v2 #274 – butter

lost guns v2 274


lost guns v2 #272 – 2am

lost guns v2 259


monster monday – spaghetti

monster comic - spaghetti

ed the business warrior – new years 2016

ed new years 2016


You never know when ED is going to pop up! I love this guy. He’s the original character I launched this comic blog with. I’ve been drawing him longer than I’ve been drawing my lost guns, volume one or two. I’m not sure what the new year has in store for ED, but I hope he makes a return. I know I could use some more of him. I love this guy. What do you think of ED?