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Flag Day

flag day 2016

us-inmiwFlag Day is here! Can you believe it!? I know it’s one of the least appreciated holidays out there. Most people don’t get it off and no one get time and a half. What’s up with that? Flags are super important. They’re what help to define us and where we are from. Right now my city flag sucks. Yet if I lived two miles west I’d have a really good city flag. Maybe my city will catch up with it’s sister city soon. They’re a little slow on it. So what’s your city flag look like? Share it with us. We all want to know and see what might be the next awesome flag. Plus all the flags shown in today’s comic are cities flags. Yes, flags, they’re even on a city level. Also below is a ted talk about bad flag design by Roman Mars. He’s probably more obsessed with flags than anyone else, even Sheldon. Have a great flag day!