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one panel # national donut day

one panel # national hamburger day

memorial day 2020

may the fourth

may the fourth be with you! it’s another star wars day, can you believe it? which would you prefer to be a rebel pilot or empire pilot? i love tie fighters so i’d be a pilot for the empire. i feel like that would be a huge mistake and i’d probably die. no shields and i’m no pilot.

national velociraptor awareness day

one panel # st. patrick’s day

ed the business warrior and the leap

polar bear day

president’s day

one panel # valentine’s day

national bird day

welcome to the new decade

monster’s new year eve

Merry Christmas

santa shark part 2


santa shark is coming

bake cookies day

horrible hannibal – black friday

adventures in ink – red planet day

lost guns v2 – happy halloween

Check out the whole story for how this happened in Lost Guns v2  471, 472, & 473.


hermit day

leif erikson day

autumn special