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lost guns

What is lost guns?  A question that has been asked about this comic over the many years it exists.  Lost Guns started back in 2006 as journal comic.  Well, I guess it started more as a diary comic.  A way to deal with my life when I didn’t have much going on.  The comic was posted originally on my old myspace page that no longer exists.  It saw many different turns and twists.  I even did special lost guns for friends.  Than after four years, a 176 strips, of lost guns and the closing of my myspace page, lost guns came to an end.   The entire first series of lost guns can be seen on Flickr.

Now lost guns has returned.  After a few years of a break from drawing my life, lost guns is back.  Time to get back to basic with lost guns.  Enjoy the new adventures.

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