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one panel # twenty-three

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lost guns v2 #368 – don’t look out



lost guns v2 #367 – alien snatchers


Meteor Life (meteor day 2016)

meteor day 1 meteor day 2 meteor day 3 meteor day 4  meteor day 6 meteor day 7


national lemon cupcake day

national lemon cupcake day 2014

Space Day

space day 2013


I don’t know how everyone feels about space, but I love it.  My big dream as a kid was to go exploring space.  Truth be told that is still one of my biggest dreams.  I want to meet aliens and fly away to distant galaxies.  It’ll never happen in my life time, but oh to dream about it.  I wish NASA had more funding so that we could continue to explore the unknown and build rocket ships that can reach other star systems.


Earth Day

earth day 20013


Amelia Earhart (part dos)