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day trips 13 – nap time

day trips 12 – trains

day trip 11 – phone time

day trips 10 – jell-o

lost guns v2 #492 – trash boy

day trips 9 – lunches

lost guns v2 #489 – the chills

day trip 7 – landmarks

I hope you’re all enjoying the many comics I post on this page, there’s good news I’ve started a patreon page. I am posting more comics there for people to view. Plus you can finally support me as a creator. There are two tiers right now a $1 tip jar and a $3 extra comics tier. I will be giving exclusive new comics to both tiers, but the $3 tier will have more content. Go check it out, I already have two comics up, one for free and one for all tiers. Thanks, Michael.


day trips 03 – weekend plans


day trips 02 – beaches


lost guns v2 #483 – shorts


day trips 01 – driving


lost guns v2 #482 – dish soap


adventures in ink 8-76 – space rocks


adventures in ink 8-74 – open this pool


lost guns v 1.5 (forgotten) – more job hunting

lost guns v 1.5 (forgotten) – average day

When we first moved to Bloomington I didn’t have mush going on (I drew this a month before I landed my UPS job). I discovered we somehow had cable hooked up. We weren’t paying for it but we had it. It slowly disappeared, like stations just stopped being available to watch till we had zero stations. It was like the cable company was slowly cutting us off.


adventures in ink 8-72 – time change

lost guns v1.5 (forgotten) – cold shower

why is it anytime you go to a new bathroom there’s a learning curve on the shower. showers are a very basic thing, but half the time i look at it and cannot figure it out. it’s so annoying. then after you do figure it out it’s like why is it like that? why does every shower have to have some random quirk. why?


adventures in ink 8-70 – rental cars


adventures in ink 8-68 – distance

lost guns v1.5 (forgotten stories) – tattoo


The other day I was going through old sketch books trying to organize them and separate all the journal comics I’ve drawn. While going through them I discovered in one of my ed the business warrior sketch books a few short journal comics I wrote. I was looking at them and realized that they were drawn before I started lost guns volume 2 and after I stop lost guns volume 1. It was a weird period in my life when I was pretty much working working exclusively on fictional characters and not documenting my own life. For the first time here, I present the forgotten tales of 2010. I was living in Indiana and married almost a year. A little peak into my early married years without kids.

Michael McLean


lost guns v2 #477 – dead eyes


adventures in ink 8-67 – packing for four