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thirty-nine (he’s in a meeting)

Oh no, Hemi the 4th is here.  Time for some action!  Who’s your favorite action hero?  You would think mine is John McClaine, because I’m a McLean.  But I love Jayne Cobb from Firefly.  Plus he was superman’s voice in a cartoon and the new DC Online game.

~ Michael

Enter the Hemi (ed the business warrior 36)

Oh snaps the return of the Hemi Clan.  If you remember from Ed the business warrior number fifteen and thirty-one, Ed won the business warrior belt from Hemi the third.  Who’s family held the belt for three generations!  The longest anyone family had the belt.  Hemi the fourth story is about to start…

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 31

The Belt!  It’s so awesome.  How far would you go for the belt?

~ Michael