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ed the business warrior – valentine’s day

ed valentine's day 2016


monster sunday – Punk for a Day

monster comic - punk for a day


lost guns v2 – Columbus Day 2015

lost guns v2 - columbus day 2015

with in

were’s ED when you need him


ed 108 – end of chapter two

First I’d like to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday!  Hope you have an awesome one.  Make Dad take you some where nice.  Second I have bad news about ED.  I’ve been a little lazy lately.  Work has been slowly killing me and my moral to actually work on ED.  Ed will be taking a little hiatus for at least the next two weeks.  I know, horrible news, but not the end of the world.  On Thursday I’ll be posting a extra Political Comic, so two of those this week.  The next two week I have a longer ED classic story.  It’s nine strips long, so you’ll be getting an extra Wednesday comic!!!  Then chapter three should start.  I’ve started to work on it and it should be as good.



ed 104 – return of TED!!!

ED 102 – were done here

ninety-nine – prepare to die

ninety-seven – i need a minute

ninety-five – you can’t handle the truth

ninety-four – roar factor

ninety-two – practice swing

ninety-one – the loudest roar

ninety – hide & seek

eighty-nine – disgrace

eighty-eight – movie star

eighty-six – saved by the bell

eighty-five – never give up

eighty-four – hang loose

eighty-two – flying bigfoot?

eighty-one – cliffhanger

seventy-seven – the tracker

seventy-six – into the woods we go