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lost guns v 1.5 (forgotten) – average day

When we first moved to Bloomington I didn’t have mush going on (I drew this a month before I landed my UPS job). I discovered we somehow had cable hooked up. We weren’t paying for it but we had it. It slowly disappeared, like stations just stopped being available to watch till we had zero stations. It was like the cable company was slowly cutting us off.


ed the business warrior and another day



lost guns v2 #300 – funny boy

lost guns v2 300


lost guns v2 #267 – get it over with already

lost guns v2 267

lost guns v2 #7 – hourly comic

sunday special sauce

ed workless 01

ed workless 02

Oh there’s nothing like a good Sunday morning comic.  When I was a kid I use to love the Sunday paper just because they had the large color comics and ads with all the new toys.  So enjoy this black and white ED you get on Sunday.  I do things a little reversed on my comic.

ED the business warrior – twenty-seven

blah blah blah

Life can be boring.  If I’ve learned anything from being in an office, most things about it is boring, yet I want to be in one.  I’m a sick puppy.  A really sick puppy.  Give me my meetings on health care.

~ Michael

ED the business what? WARRIOR! number 26

bored at work

Who here doesn’t feel like that at work sometimes.  I had one job that I would go in for like four hours at a time and I couldn’t stay awake.  It was really boring.  A lot of the time I wouldn’t have any work and I would have to sit there and pretended that I had work.  Although they did love the fact I was super fast.  They were sad when I had to leave.  It’s a weird mix of feeling for that job.

~ Michael