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lost guns v2 #504 – turtles


day trips 6 – look look!

lost guns v2 #480 – loose plate (part 3)

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travels in ballpoint – thanksgiving


lost guns v2 #454 – the deal

adventures in ink 3-38 – rest stops

A little note about this comic. This happened when Allison was pregnant with out first baby back in 2014.

adventures in ink 5-21 – two hours

When we go on long drives there’s one album I know Allison will like to listen too, Danger Days by My Chemical Romance. Why? I’m not sure, but since it came out it’s one of the few albums she asks for. I can’t say no, it’s that fun of an album to listen too.


lost guns v2 #373 – what’s upper?



lost guns v2 – name your car day