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Mini Dove Comics 5 year Anniversary

mini dove 5 year

Can you believe it? I started this blog five years ago. ┬áSo much has changed since than. We moved to Indiana. My wife started and finished her Master’s Degree. I turned thirty. We had a baby! So many changes. So many different things happening. This went from being a comic blog about ED the Business Warrior to being about history, monsters, holidays, and my personal life. A lot of great things happening, except readership hasn’t been great. The sites not growing. This might have to do with my lack of advertising and spreading the word. I’m not much of a networker. I’m a hermit by trade and the internet hasn’t changed that. What I’m asking you as viewer is to share theses comics with friends and family. Everyone must have a favorite, so go on and share that comic this week. Let’s make year six an amazing year. I know we can do this. I can’t do it alone, but with you I can. Thank you and have a great day.


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