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national donut day


ed the business warrior – Donut Day


ed the business warrior – national donut day

21 ed the business warrior - national donut day


National Donut Day 2015

national donut day 2015

donut day

1 june 2010

get yourself some donuts

Well another wonderful holiday has interrupted the Zuda schedule for the ED comic.  If you know me, you know I couldn’t ignore probably one of the coolest holidays ever.  It’s Donut Day today!  I love a good donut.  Not a crappy one from a grocery store, but one from a real donut shop.  A locally owned one is better than a chain too.  Myself, I like the cake donuts.  I like yeast donuts too, but I love a heavy cake donut over a light fluffy yeast donut.  I encourge everyone to go out and get a donut today to help me celebrate this glories holiday.  That means you!

~ Michael