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day trip 14 – early mornings


lost guns v2 486 – 630am

adventures in ink 4-13 – shake it

trip number 4 in the this travel blog. this trip we drove the two hours south to indianapolis. it was a fun little adventure.

adventures in ink 1-01 – late start

Welcome to the second volume of Travel in Ballpoint, Adventures in Ink! I’ve been working on this volume since 2011. Why did it take so long to get out. It’s cause I’m lazy and forget to draw three out of four adventures I go on. I even forgot to write and draw on for my daughters first plane ride. I might go back and fix that. I still have a lot of room in the sketch book. I hope you enjoy the next chapter in this silly comic about travel.


lost guns v2 #272 – 2am

lost guns v2 259

lost guns v2 #128 – i couldn’t wait

lost guns v2 128 preg 10So starts the story is about to begin.  Pay attention to the dates because I’m going to be jumping around in time for the next few weeks.




lost guns v2 # 49 – always tired

lost guns V2 049