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lost guns v2 #525 – three

Are you enjoying lost guns? Do you wish you could read more? Do you wish you could read next weeks strip today? What if I told you can? Would you be there right now? You can! On my patreon feed I am posting next week and more! Make sure you’re going over there and checking out all the other comics there too.

It’s crazy to think after setting this comic up and drawing it all three of my zine fest have either been canceled or delayed. Delayed till when? no one knows, they might be delayed till next year. This is huge crush on my confidence. I setting up 2020 as the year I finally broke out and sold my comics. The year where people might notice my stupid little hobby. I guess this year will suck as much as every other year I’ve had for comics.


Penguins’ St. Patrick’s Day


lost guns v2 – St. Patrick’s Day


monster comic – green river

monster comic - green river


St. Patrick’s Day!!!

st patricks day 2014


Rich Gossage

14 rich gossage


name your car day 2012

Name That Car Day

What’s your car named?  I named mine the Hornet a long time ago.  Yeah, my little green Acura Integra is called the Hornet.  It’s the best, even if Allison doesn’t believe me when I tell her what my car is named.  It’s the Hornet!

~ Michael