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forty-one (up in flames)

FORTY!!! (blades are on)

Best or favorite fight scene from a movie or TV show?  Mine is probably not the best, but one of the funnest.  On The Office when Andy finds out Angela is cheating on him with Dwight they get into a dual.  Dwight chose a bike chain to fight Andy.  Andy chose his Pris.  “If he keep it’s under five miles an hour it’s completely silent,” said Oscar.  Watch that episode for the fight if you haven’t seen it.  I know there are tons of cooler fights, but I really like that one and it’s in an office.

~ Michael

thirty-nine (he’s in a meeting)

Oh no, Hemi the 4th is here.  Time for some action!  Who’s your favorite action hero?  You would think mine is John McClaine, because I’m a McLean.  But I love Jayne Cobb from Firefly.  Plus he was superman’s voice in a cartoon and the new DC Online game.

~ Michael