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national library workers day


monster monday – for hipsters

21 monster comic - cassette player


Johnny Appleseed Day 2015

johnny appleseed day 2015


monster comic – wendigo


Record Store Day 2012

Oh my goodness it’s been another year since Record Store Day!  You know what that means, it’s time to dust off your record players and go out and buy some awesome records.  Grover Cleveland knows what’s going on.  Plus with a stash like that how can you not follow him.  He’s a mighty awesome president.  I hope to see you at the record stores.  If you have questions about it check out Record Store Day site.

Abraham Lincoln and the bird

lost guns special hipsters

hipster batman

hipster batman color

Ed the Hipster Warrior

Charlie Chaplin

Happy Hip Easter

Happy Easter everyone, but I really don’t care if you’re having a good easter or not.  Today is so much more about me than normal.  Today I turn 30!  I know, who would have thought I would make it to 30?  I didn’t think I’d make it to 21 and now I’m 30!  To celebrate my special occasion I’ve dedicated this week to hipsters!  That’s why you’re having turkey this easter instead of ham or whatever.  I will be having gyros like my wife and I do every year.  So laters.