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ed the business warrior – lemon cupcake caper part 4

ed the business warrior cupcake caper 4


check out part one of the caper here, part two, part three. It’s always an adventure with ED.

ed 107 – let’s be friends again

fax in your sunday special

ed vs the fax

I would hate to be a machine at ED’s company.  Fail him  and he’s just going to do bad things to you.  Okay we’ve had two Political Comics done now, what do you think?  Do you like the president comics?  I’ve got something other than a president coming in a couple weeks.  Let me know, I like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

~ Michael

sixty-five – is this the twilight

The end of an era.  The end of chapter one.


Oh, no!!  What is happening?! Is this the end of ED?  Is all hope over?  Could you have just read the last ED comic of all time?  Who knows?  Well, I do.  Check back next Tuesday to see what happens.  Plus this weekend is full of Presidents.  Check out all the cool classic president comics coming out this weekend with a brand new one on Monday!!!


Oh yeah, that’s one way to get it done.  It’s ED’s way of getting it done.


The fight is so on.


Bam Bam Bam!  Oh Blake is going to be crazy up in here.

monday – monkey war 3

ed ninja monkey war 3

Here’s the end of the monkey war story.  I hope you enjoyed it.  More about what going to happen to Blake tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned you won’t want to miss a frame of it.

sunday special sauce – monkey war 2

ed ninja monkey war 2

saturday – monkey war 1

ed ninja monkey war 1

friday- road to monkey war classic

ed road to war 1

ed road to war 2

A Friday comic?  Well the Sunday classic was in trouble.  The next classic Ed strip was a short story I wrote.  So I figured why span it out over five weeks.  That’s just to long, plus with another battle story coming soon with Blake I figured, just get it out there.  I love this story, it has hints to “the Belt” story I would later write.  There can only be one.  A classic Highlander saying that I based this comic off of.  Hope you enjoy the extra long weekend of comics.

~ Michael