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two years!!!

I want to thank all the fans out there right now.  I would never have made it to two years without you.  With all your support this comic has grown from my little business warrior to anything goes.  I’ve posted much more personal comics lately and so many people have been into it.  I know my life can be boring at times and some of my jokes don’t always hit, but you’ve stuck with me.  Thanks you.  Without people viewing my comic I would have stopped a long time ago.  I hope you all stick around for the next year.  I’ve got more president comics coming soon.  I’ve started mixing clerihew style with them.  If you don’t know what that means, good.  That means you’re more sane and normal than me.  I still need to finish off my classic travel comics.  That’s not coming to an end anytime soon.  Plus more LOST GUNS!!!!  I love drawing my lost guns and I don’t see them ending anytime soon.  Plus I’m working on a new ED story.  That’s still a long way out, but it’ll be up sometime in the next year.  Thanks again for the wonderful two years.


ninety-nine – prepare to die

seventy-nine – Finding Joy in The Journey

sunday special – computer fix

ed the business warrior doing the it thing

seventy-three – fighting style matters for IT

sixty-five – is this the twilight

The end of an era.  The end of chapter one.


Oh, it’s Battle Time!!!  I love battle time.

Do you have Facebook?  If you do, I’ve built a page for Mini Dove Comics.  Go check it our at You’ll love it.

~ Michael

forty-one (up in flames)

thirty-eight – turkey burger


I think turkey should be considered a fruit too.  It seems very fruity to me.  What kind of food do you wish could be fruits that are not?

~ Michael

Rabbit is your guy!

Tell your friends that ED and Rabbit are the coolest!  Who doesn’t want to talk about cool guys with big guts.  Plus we’ve got some awesome belts.  Belts that will rock your world.  They are super belts.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

you'll do it

I wouldn’t mess with ED.  He’s a tough cookie, not a weak one.  He’s no cookie that would crumble under pressure.  He’s a cookie that could take you out.  He’s got chocolate chips and oatmeal in him.  He’s the best damn cookie you’ll ever eat.  I need some cookies now.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce


Not all the old comics are amazing.  Some of them are just okay.  I feel this comic could have been more awesome if I had taken more time to draw it, but when you only have an hour to drawn it into your physics note book instead of taking notes it’s a little bite harder to worry about how awesome it looks.  Your just glad class got over quicker than normal.

~ Michael

wednesday special!!!

for the company!

Yesterday I was stuck in the turret at work.  You pretty much just watch cameras all day and open doors.  The rules are very specific about what you are allowed to do in there while you watch the cameras.  You can’t have almost anything in there.  No cell phone, books, or mp3 player.  The one thing we are allowed is paper and a pen.  You can write or draw all you want.  My guess is that eventually they’ll take that away too.  That’ll be when the company goes paperless though.  So, I drew this picture yesterday while I sat and looked at cameras.  Oh yes the fun is back.

~ Michael

Ed the business warrior ten

sunday special sauce

There are days when I just want to throw my computer out a five story building and watch it die.  I could take a baseball bat to my computer like in Office Space.  What’s your fantasies for destroying computers?

Also I have no clue what I was thinking five years ago when I drew this but ED has no ears.  His head is looking more and more like ED, but without the ears he looks really weird to me.  I know I didn’t leave them out to be funny, I just don’t know why I would forget such an important feature on him.

~ Michael

ED eight from the Zuda Series

computer punch

Here it is the last official comic I submitted to Zuda before they ended there submission policies.  I drew two promos to go with this series, the first second promo I put up at the start of the series.  The first promo I haven’t put up yet, but I will soon as sunday special sauce.  I’ll probably put it up next.  Then there was also a second motivational poster which was suppose to be the lead in to the new comics I would have drawn for Zuda if I had one my competition.  I’ve change the story a bit since I drew the motivational poster.  It can still work, it just feature a character I made more of a middle man instead of the main character in the story, but the story is still being written.  I think it’ll take a several months to fully tell since I have a lot of middle stuff in there too.  Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the beginnings of Ed the Business Warrior.  This is only the beginning.

~ Michael

promo for the ED

a promo for a new amazing comic

The time has come for ED the business warrior.  Mandy is having problem like normal with ED’s style of warrioring it up.  Let’s all hope that Ed, Rabbit, and Mandy can get along.  Stay tuned for the new adventures of everyone’s favorite Business Warrior.