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lost guns v2 #380 – chicken


lost guns v2 #358 – the jokers



lost guns v2 #357 – crude chickens



lost guns v2 #356 – the laughing cow



lost guns v2 – april fools

lost guns v2 - aprils fools 2016


lost guns shots #012 – washington tattoos

lost guns v2 shots 12


lost guns v2 – Ask a Stupid Question Day

lost guns v2 stupid questions


Louis Pasteur – clerihew

125 louis pasteur clerihew


lost guns v2 – valentine’s day

lost guns v2 - valentines day 2014

lost guns v2 – four years

lost gun v2 - 4 years


Can you believe it?  I’ve been married to the most wonderful woman in the world for four years now.  I feel I need to come clean about a couple things.  First Allison would never hurt me.  Second I never made the standard bet with someone about how long my marriage would last.  This comic is completely fake, but I do love to tell stories and make jokes.  Does anyone know where the standard bet price comes from?  It’s probably in a ton of movies, but I’m referring to Randolph Duke and Mortimer Duke’s bet in Trading Places.  A great movie.


Labor Day 2013

labor day 2013


National Tell a Joke Day

national tell a joke day

President’s Joke Day

presidents joke day

Here are some facts that seem like they should be jokes, but they are for real!  John Quincy Adams liked swimming nude in the Potomac River.  Grover Cleveland married his law partner’s daughter.   President can do some funny and weird things, but we still love like them.  Plus if you could swim the Potomac nude, wouldn’t you?

April Fools

water bufflo 014


Happy April Fools day.  I’m not a practical joker, so I don’t have any stories about them.  Instead you get a really bad joke.  There’s my practical joke for you.  You had to read some weird bad joke by me.  Luckily you didn’t pay for it and didn’t waste more than a minute to read.  What are some of your favorite practical jokes you’ve pulled off or tried to pull off over the years?


not president’s day yet

not president's day 2013

Bring your Teddy Bear to Work Day