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national library worker’s day

ed the business warrior – School Librarian Day

Library week is coming! I don’t know why School Librarian Day is the week before, but it is. I hope everyone is ready to show some love to their local libraries and librarians. They’re the best. My librarian is even my best friend. She’s pretty awesome.

National Librarian Day

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monster friday – libraries

monster comic - libraries


lost guns v2 – nlw – favorite…what?

lost guns - nlw 2016 favorite


national bookmobile day

bookmobile 1


National Library Workers Day

library workers day 2016


national library week and bears

library bear


monster monday – school librarian day

11 monster comic - school librarian day

lost guns v2 – national librarian day

lost guns v2 - national librarian day


To check out the comic Allison is referring too check out National Librarian Day 2013.  It’s a funny one.


ed the business warrior – library cop

ed - library cop


monster monday – national library week

monster comic - national library week 2015


ED the business warrior visits the library again…

ed the librirain 01


ED the business warrior vs Piracy

ed and piracy

Celebrate Teen Literature Day

teen literature day 2014 327


Teen Literature is a lot of fun!  What are some of your favorite teen books?  Some of mine are Winger, The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Librarian Day 2014!

librarian day 2014

I love librarians!  Well, I love one librarian and like the rest.  Libraries and librarians have always been important part of my life.  My wife is a children’s librarian.  Plus I’ve always hung out at libraries growing.  So they’ve always been fun for me.

I actually like old school librarians.  They did a great job of making a library a place to work and learn.  I really need that in high school and college.  I think we’ll always need them in certain types of libraries.  New school librarians are fun too.  They let kids learn to love the library like I did.


National Librarian Day

national library day 2013

Melvil Dewey

melvil dewey

National Library Week begins…

national library week 2013


I love libraries.  When I was in middle school I use to get a special pass so I could hang out in the school library instead of the gym for our recess period after lunch.  That library was the best, some one had donated some great eighty comics that I would read.  The best was Justice League International.  I learned to love Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and the Green Lantern during those great library days.  Well my love for libraries and librarians has continued into my adulthood.  My wife is the main reason.  She loves library so much she became a Librarian.  It’s pretty awesome being married to librarian.  Although every time we go visit places we have to visit the local libraries.


School Librarian Day

school librarian day 2013


Show some love to your school librarian.  They’ve got a tough job and not a lot of appreciation   My high school librarian was the best, she helped me really find a love for books.