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adventures in ink – red planet day

staying home 09 – the cell

staying home 08 – shower time

lost guns v2 #507 – lake-effect

staying home 07 – childhood friends

lost guns v2 – happy halloween

Check out the whole story for how this happened in Lost Guns v2  471, 472, & 473.


staying home 6 – food and stuff

lost guns v2 #505 – the truck part 3

staying home 5 – television

lost guns v2 #504 – turtles

staying home 4 – beds

lost guns v2 #503 – the truck part 2


staying home 3 – going out

lost guns v2 #502 – the truck part 1


staying home 02 – the list

lost guns v2 #501 – blt

autumn special

lost guns v2 #500


Five hundred strips! Five hundred regular strips in the second volume. Five hundred strips since I’ve been married and moved to Indiana. Not counting all the travel comics I’ve drawn. Not counting all the holiday comics. Nine years and five hundred strips is still an accomplishment. I’ve done something that not everyone can say they’ve done. I hope people have enjoyed my life story. I know it’s a little bland. I’m a stay at home dad who works part-time in retail. If you’ve been enjoying the last nine years of comics, all my weird comics, share this with your friends, leave a comment, leave a like, just let me know. I’d love to see who my followers are.

-Michael McLean

staying home 01 – friends

I always think going out of town is hectic and hard, but then when people come to visit I always remember how much more work it is to have people over. The cleaning. The bed situation. The food that has to be bought or eaten. Life is just a little more complicated and we don’t even get to leave. It’s our house. Welcome to another travel comic without the best part of the travel comic, me out of my house. It’s all about traveling to my family.

lost guns v2 #499 – silver


day trip 14 – early mornings

lost guns v2 #498 – firefighter

lost guns v2 – labor day

day trips 13 – nap time