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lost guns v2 #70 – bus looks

lost guns v2 070

the greatest library love story (lost guns v1 # 155 -157)





lost guns v2 #59 – soup

lost guns v2 059


lost guns v2 # 55 – do it my way

lost guns v2 055

Lost Guns v2 – Labor Day Special

lost guns v2 #32 – changing

lost guns v2 #20 – cars

lost guns v2 #19 – it’s coming down

lost guns v2 #17 – bug season

What a week we’ve had here in Indiana.  Allison graduated last Friday.  We had family here since last Wednesday till Tuesday.  So busy, I haven’t updated the comic is awhile.  That was my fault.  I have a enough in my que right now that I should have just scheduled my comics for this week.  Well we’re back!  Just in time for my trip out-of-town.  I just can’t win in timing.  I’ll try to get next weeks comics scheduled ahead of time.  Laters.

lost guns vol 2 #14 – bruises

lost guns v2 #13 – alarms

lost guns v2 #9 – 3D

lost guns v2 #8 – candy hearts

lost guns vol2 #6 – bed time

lost guns vol2 #5 – nudist

lost guns vol2 #4 – bus date

lost guns vol2 #2 – good dreams

lost guns vol2 # 1 – the climb