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one panel # valentine’s day

ed the business warrior – favorite month

lost guns v2 #495 – all the way down


laundry day


lost guns v2 shots #30 – bees knees

lost guns – may day


national library week – favorite


lost gun v2 #344 – amazing dad



lost guns special – bestfriends day!

lost guns v2 - bestfriends


monster monday – food

mosnter comic - food


lost guns shots #14 – troi

lost guns v2 shots 014


lost guns v2 #221 – way to much

lost guns v2 221


lost guns v2 #219 – champion

lost guns v2 219


lost guns v2 #140 – no ears

lost guns v2 140 preg 22


lost guns v2 #106 – squeeze

lost guns v2 106


Abraham Lincoln and love

abe's love

ED the business warrior and love

ed tells all


We all know what week it is.  It’s the week to forget a holiday made up by the card companies till the last moment.  So instead of forgetting why not go out and get an awesome gift.  Go get a block of cheese carved into the shape of a heart.  I know I would love it and ED would love it too.  Their’s no way you could go wrong on this gift. *wink* *wink*

The Weekend to-do List

weekend to-do list


What do you have planned for this weekend?


I really like Adam WarRock. He’s one of my favorite rappers.  He just dropped a new album and it’s really fun.  I know not everyone is into comics as much as I am, but Adam’s new album is awesome.  I think he deserves his dues.  I don’t know him and I hope he would like this comic.  If not that’s horrible.  I don’t know if he’s violent, but I could see him smacking some one down with batman sound FX.  Plus it’s funny.

lost guns v2 – four years

lost gun v2 - 4 years


Can you believe it?  I’ve been married to the most wonderful woman in the world for four years now.  I feel I need to come clean about a couple things.  First Allison would never hurt me.  Second I never made the standard bet with someone about how long my marriage would last.  This comic is completely fake, but I do love to tell stories and make jokes.  Does anyone know where the standard bet price comes from?  It’s probably in a ton of movies, but I’m referring to Randolph Duke and Mortimer Duke’s bet in Trading Places.  A great movie.

the greatest library love story (lost guns v1 # 155 -157)




National Quilt Day

national quilt day 2013


This comic is for my Mom.  She loves quilts.  She has made me two special quilts in my life.  The first was for my graduation and the second for my marriage.  Quilts are the best.  One thing they’re made with love!  You can’t beat love, it’s the best ingredient in any thing.  Second, they keep you nice and warm.  So you get love and warmth at the same time.  Best feeling ever.  Hope everyone cuddles up in a home made quilt today.  It’ll totally be worth it.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day 2013

Valentine’s Day Card 2013

valentine's day card 2013Need an original Valentine’s Day card this year?  Why not go with Mini Dove Comic’s Doctor Who card?  I know why, you think you’re not cool enough to give this card to your dorky sweetheart.  Trust me, if you use this card you are beyond cool enough.  You will be the cats meow!  That’s tighter then you could imagine.  So click on the card, print it off, fold it into quarters  and your good to go.  I know your sweetheart will totally love it.  Have a safe Valentine’s Day from everyone here at Mini Dove Comics.