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sixty-five – is this the twilight

The end of an era.  The end of chapter one.


Battle time is so on!



It’s Tuesday!!!  Today is the last day to enter into the giveaway.  The rules can be found here at and to see what you could win go to It’s been an exciting week.  Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to see who’s going to win the giveaway.


~ Michael

fifty (soda time)


forty-nine (oh mandy, so mean)


Next week I’ve got a special for you.  I’ll be posting a classic ED story, one of my favorites.  It was made for my Mini-Dove comic a few years ago.  I love this story and I hope you like it too.  It’ll be in black and white just like the all the old school ED comics.  Also it’s a three part story so I’ll be posting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I hope you all enjoy it, cause I will.

~ Michael

sunday special sauce

ed the business warrior, good old boys

Oh Ed and his stories.  Here’s a first look at a future Mandy character.  It’s not really Mandy, but it the workings of bring her to life.  What an awesome comic.



FORTY!!! (blades are on)

Best or favorite fight scene from a movie or TV show?  Mine is probably not the best, but one of the funnest.  On The Office when Andy finds out Angela is cheating on him with Dwight they get into a dual.  Dwight chose a bike chain to fight Andy.  Andy chose his Pris.  “If he keep it’s under five miles an hour it’s completely silent,” said Oscar.  Watch that episode for the fight if you haven’t seen it.  I know there are tons of cooler fights, but I really like that one and it’s in an office.

~ Michael

National Pizza Month!!!

I love pizza!!!  I don’t love it more than burgers, but pizza is my second favorite food after burgers.  My favorite pizza is supreme, but I’m getting to love pepperoni too.  Pizza is the best.  I could really go for one right now.  What’s your favorite pizza?

~ Michael

ED the business warrior 28

ED the business what? WARRIOR! number 26

bored at work

Who here doesn’t feel like that at work sometimes.  I had one job that I would go in for like four hours at a time and I couldn’t stay awake.  It was really boring.  A lot of the time I wouldn’t have any work and I would have to sit there and pretended that I had work.  Although they did love the fact I was super fast.  They were sad when I had to leave.  It’s a weird mix of feeling for that job.

~ Michael

Ed the Business Warrior fifteen

I’m sitting in my sister’s living room getting this comic ready to go out.  Over my trip back to Indiana I learned some big news, I’m going to be a guest artist for the comic strip MaxvsMax.   This is big news, as I’ve never done a guest comic strip before.  I’ve submitted one to Real Life Comics ones, but only got in a gallery, so this is big news for me.  My comic is going to get a ton more exposure than it has ever had before.  On Sept. 3rd make sure to go over to MaxvsMax and check out my awesome comic strip I drew for his comic.

~ Michael

Ed the Business Warrior’s Six

now that's a t-rex

ED the New Series #3

Lunch line

I don’t know how it is at your work, but at my work we only had one microwave for a long time.  Four of us go to lunch at the same time and with only one microwave and thirty minutes to eat it became a race to who got there first because they got to eat their meal with ease and not have to rush it in the last five minutes.  I usually go my lunch in the microwave first.  I was quick getting out to the break room.

~ Michael

it’s a bank holiday

a holiday?

Who else has to work today?  I work for an affiliate of a bank and I’m working.  My company’s account has it off so we can’t call them if we get weird things.  The library is closed today.  The post office is closed today too.  So pretty much it’s a holiday for most people, but not me.  No I’ve got to go into work and do stuff.  I don’t know who else think this is a horrible idea.  Making people work after staying up real late to watch the fireworks.  I’m calling the president on this one.  Okay that’s my little rant.  Hope you all have a great day off.

~ Michael

Ed the new comic #2

Who doesn’t need a hero?  I always need a hero.  So tomorrow is the big day!  The start of the four comics in a row.  Are you ready?  I hope so.  See you all tomorrow.

~ Michael

ED the new comic 1

three little stories start

The wait is over!  That’s right the new ED webcomic is up.  As I sit here listening to The Gaslight Anthem on my record player all I can think is YES!  I’ve done it.  I’ve got an awesome comic up and ready to go.  This first comic is a preview of what I’ll be dealing with for the next couple of months maybe longer.  You’ve got a Mandy story.  You’ve got a Octopus Johns and Ted story, and of course they are all part of Ed’s story.  So a little heads up Ted and Octopus Johns are the “Bad Guys.”  I won’t classify them as villains because they really aren’t evil, they just don’t fall in line with what Ed and his company wants.  So stay tune for the big things and don’t forget this weeks special event for the Fourth of July.  That’s special comics on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with regular comics endcaping them.

~ Michael

leon day

Oh my goodness it’s Leon Day!  You have only six months till Christmas.  What do you plan to spend this awesome strange holiday.  I have no clue how I’m going to spend it.  Maybe I’ll drink some egg nog, but that would be silly since I don’t like egg nog.  Maybe I’ll put up my tree, but it’s to early for that.  What do you think people should do for this holiday?  I hope you liked your extra comic this week.  It was pretty awesome to make.

~ Michael

special Father’s Day sauce

This comic goes out to only one man.  That man is my Father.  I wanted to wish my father a Happy Father’s day this year.  Sure I sent a card and I’m totally going to call you to Dad, but enjoy the comic cause you’re all grown up now with kids who have kids.  I love you Dad and we miss you up here in Idaho.  I hope all Fathers have a great day today.

~ Michael

party time

a new use

Rabbit know how to throw a party when he needs too.  What a great start to this week we have.  It’s Tuesday and you already have an awesome ED the business warrior comic to read.  If you like the comic tell your friends to check it out too.  I’m looking for new readers everyday, so spread the joy of ED, I know other people will like just as much as you.  Thanks.

~ Michael

donut day

1 june 2010

get yourself some donuts

Well another wonderful holiday has interrupted the Zuda schedule for the ED comic.  If you know me, you know I couldn’t ignore probably one of the coolest holidays ever.  It’s Donut Day today!  I love a good donut.  Not a crappy one from a grocery store, but one from a real donut shop.  A locally owned one is better than a chain too.  Myself, I like the cake donuts.  I like yeast donuts too, but I love a heavy cake donut over a light fluffy yeast donut.  I encourge everyone to go out and get a donut today to help me celebrate this glories holiday.  That means you!

~ Michael

Hamburger Month VS Salad Month

my favorite meal

This blog was not part of the original line up for Zuda, but it is a little time sensitive.  Being that it’s for the month of May I decided it needs to be out there before it’s over.  If you know anything about me you should know I love a good burger.  My number one burger joint right now is Five Guys.  They make the best burgers I’ve ever tasted.  I know this might offend some people, but Five Guys is even better than In ‘n Out Burger.  I’ve had both and I can say I prefer a good Five Guys any day.  Now In ‘n Out is amazing too.  I love their burgers.  I don’t think it’s one is extremely better than the other, it’s just I cant get In ‘n Out where I live and Five Guys is just as good in my opinion.  So to celebrate Hamburger and Salad month go out and get yourself a hamburger and pass on the salad.  It’s good for you.  ~ Michael

Ed the Business Warrior 2

let them all hang

Here is the second comic in my eight comic series for Zuda, although I did do more than eight comics in case I won the competition.  My comics are not so much about building a huge story where you have to read every comic from the beginning.  I wanted to take more of a you can enjoy each comic by itself, with maybe a few that need reference back to a strip or two.  I hope you enjoy Ed.

promo for the ED

a promo for a new amazing comic

The time has come for ED the business warrior.  Mandy is having problem like normal with ED’s style of warrioring it up.  Let’s all hope that Ed, Rabbit, and Mandy can get along.  Stay tuned for the new adventures of everyone’s favorite Business Warrior.